Welcome to Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens

Source for beneficial, edible, and drought tolerant and exotic plants with a 2 acre demonstration and sculpture garden.

Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens specializes in plants and gardens for California’s Mediterranean climate. Our goal is to promote the aesthetic use of Mediterranean climate adapted plants in water-conserving gardens and landscapes. This includes edibles, fruit trees, and plants for shade gardens.

Sierra Azul Nursery is a retail plant nursery specializing in Mediterranean plants from around the world. Our nursery includes a propagation based growing grounds and two acres of demonstration gardens featuring mature plants in a garden setting, accented by sculptures from local artists. Be sure to check out our special sales, and the workshops, classes, and events we host.

Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens holds a vision of the garden as a place to link with the natural world and its many wonderful contrasting elements. We hope to share our vision with you. Come visit the rich, aesthetic, physical world of Sierra Azul Gardens.

Spring News

This is one of our favorite times of the year in the garden; everything is lush, particularly after the rain earlier this month, there is so much in bloom, and sculptures are being installed for the upcoming show! How many can you spot in this image? Keep reading for our newest nesting update, featured plants, sales, and more!

Newest Nesting Update

It’s nesting season! Every year we watch out for killdeer nests in our growing grounds. They nest on the ground amongst our granite gravel. You can always tell when we’re getting close because the adults try to lure us away by pretending to be an injured bird and making a lot of noise. Can you spot the eggs in the second photo?

Mark you Calendars!
Sculpture IS 2024

June 1st – October 31st

The sculpture show starts next month, featuring amazing artwork from local artists curated throughout the garden. You won’t want to miss it! .

Featured Plants

Coreopsis grandiflora
‘Early Sunrise’

Semi-double golden yellow flowers attract pollinators late Spring to Fall. Grows 1-2′ tall and spreads over time. Plant in full sun; medium/low water needs once established. Deer-resistant!
Available in 1-gallons.

20% off

Coreopsis auriculata

This groundcover Coreopsis stays under a foot tall and spreads 2 feet or more. Prolific golden yellow flowers attract butterflies and bees Spring through Fall. Low water needs!
Available in 1-gallons.

20% off

‘Doris Hibbertson’

This rockrose reaches 4-5 feet tall and wide with a profuse pink flower show in the Spring into Summer. Low water needs, deer- and gopher-resistant.
Available in 1-gallons.

20% off

Current Sales

(Kangaroo Paws)

Anigozanthos, commonly referred to as kangaroo paws are available in 1 gallon and larger containers. Multiple colors including reds, amber, yellow, and more.

20% off
1-gallons and larger


All succulents in 1-gallons and larger containers on sale! Many to choose from including Echeveria, Aeonium, Senecio, Kalanchoe, Sedum, Aloe, Crassula, and more! Great for containers or the landscape.

30% off
1-gallons and larger


So many colors to choose from! Great for hummingbirds and Spring-Fall blooms.

20% off

Featured Videos

Have you pruned your Leucadendrons yet? If not, now is the time. See our video below for details!