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Jeff Rosendale.

What's New in the Garden

Sculpture IS 2007Powered by the Sun!
Sierra Azul is now solar powered by a new system that Jeff Rosendale (Sierra Azul owner) installed on and in the nursery sales kiosk. For the last 14 years we were not only "off-the grid," but "without power" as well, as the kiosk sits nearly 600 ft. away from the closest power source on the nursery property. Now we have a nice compact and efficient 15amp system that powers up our kiosk with 120 volts. The kiosk is still "off-the-grid," but now "with power." Thanks to great products and product support from Wholesale Solar in Mt.Shasta, CA. They have a super website and mail order service. Ask Jeff for more info that he will be happy to share.

Australian Brushwood PanelsAustralian Brushwood Panels
These stunning fence and background panels are a must-see!

Australian Brushwood PanelsThey are made from imported tea-tree (Melaleuca) branches, sustainably grown "Down-Under" and imported and promoted by a small, friendly and new company from Southern California. We sell the full -sized panel inserts here at Sierra Azul and you can use them in fencing or screening. They can used full size ( approx. 4'x6' or cut to fit custom specifications. They are incredibly well-made, bound with high-gage rustproof wire, and will outlast your fence posts. For more technical info go the the website. To see the "real thing" built here in two locations in our nursery, just stop by and see! (Please check at the nursery or give us a call for pricing information).

Fertilizer and Sprays ShedFertilizer and Sprays Shed
We have added a new Fertilizers and Sprays Shed (behind the Garden Gift Shop) where we are stocking and selling a variety of fertilizers and pest sprays for your plants and gardens. Many are organic and promote good biological activity whether it is in the soil or on and around your plants. We now have special fertilizers and soil amendments for Proteas!

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