Sculpture IS
T. S. Anand's "Standing," with commentary from participants.

(Comments are not necessarily from the subjects of the photographs.)
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"It was a very calming experience that transformed my state of mind."

"A lovely beginning of the day's experience outdoors—grounding. Beautiful voices."

"Very interesting experience, the combination of sounds/commands along with the cloth and wind, made for very peaceful experience."

"So relaxing, out of my body."

"Peaceful, soothing, calming. A replica of what gardening induces."

"What a grand idea for a sculpture—loved listening while the soft material blew gently."

"Wonderful—I want to just lie under the tree and look up, enjoying the moving of it all. I like to stay here until the moon is high, and the night is quiet."

"Very cool placement!"

"Magical—what a gift! An interactive sculpture. Soft and expressive and grounding. I also love the various languages."

"Spiritual—It was an out of body experience."

"Lovely experience—I want to become the roots. Beautiful voices."

"How fine to stop and feel and listen to this beautiful day."

"A very nice standing meditation."

"Beautiful blend of the voice, the wind, the drums, the breathing. I liked the languages!"

"There was point when the three languages conjoined and the result was a breaking through of language and of male/female to pure consciousness."

"Very special. Thank you for the moment and the time to use it."

"Gorgeous gauze glorious growth go green go glimmering graciousness."

"What a wonderful experience. This space feels truly like a separate place. Lovely—really perfect placement amongst this beautiful tree."

"Interesting combination of sound, word, texture, light, and atmosphere."

"I joined the cosmos again. A peaceful space."

"You created a space within space. Connecting inside and outside."

"A feeling of safety, cut off but surrounded, soothing yet energizing."

"A doorway to other dimensions."

"What a lovely trip."

"Great voices/languages."

"A calming, opening awareness enhancing the creative space within."

"Very grounding. Primal/basic yet so expansive."

"The voices of trilingual angels."

"I felt like a tree."

Very calming and grounding to hear the elemental sound of drumming, to be next to a tree—wood—and to feel the wind by way of the netting. Also very nice to hear three languages, all of which I speak!"

"First I became part of the environment. Then I was transported to the living room of the house I grew up in. I hadn’t thought about that house in years."

"I especially enjoyed the listening art because it was trilingual, acknowledging our multi-cultural life here in Watsonville. Great work in a wonderful setting."

"What a connection between people and plants!"

"I don’t know anything about art but first I disappeared, and then I started seeing colors—first white, then yellow, then red. I started to sweat. Then I heard the instructions to concentrate on my breath and became totally relaxed. It that okay?"

"It was very enjoyable being a plant for five minutes. Thanks!"

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